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Gibson Park, 17 First St. W., Elmira, ON

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The inaugural Multicultural Festival of Elmira (MFE) will help broaden our knowledge and awareness of the culture that surrounds us, welcome newcomers to the Waterloo Region with open arms, celebrate various ethnic groups, bring awareness to diversity and inclusion-related workshops, services and vendors, and create a safe and compassionate place where all people are welcome.

“Building Bridges of Peace”: Free Community Art Project | 1:00-4:00 PM

Located next to the library tent on the west side of the park

During MFE, there is an extraordinary opportunity for you to engage with your community through the power of art. We invite all members of the public to register and participate in a captivating community art activity. Presented in collaboration with Grand River Artist Collective and guided by their talented artists, this project aims to bring people together, fostering unity and creativity.

A team of three art facilitators, including Roshan James, will lead and inspire community members to decorate three wooden bridges using high-quality acrylic paints and a range of materials and tools. Together, we will transform the wooden bridges into vibrant canvases of positivity and unity, and spread messages of acceptance, compassion, and harmonious coexistence in our diverse, multicultural community.

Once completed, we will find a permanent home for each of the bridges within the Elmira/Woolwich community. These bridges will stand as proud symbols of diversity and peaceful cohabitation. There’s even a chance they might journey to other rural municipalities, carrying the torch of inclusivity and compassion.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can create a future filled with understanding, respect, and cooperation.

Poet and visual artist, Roshan James, holds a painting of the field behind her at her Newton home, Friday.

Community Art Project Lead: Roshan James, Grand River Artist Collective Member

Roshan James (she/her) is a Tibetan-Indian multidisciplinary artist, poet, and musician, living as a settler in southwestern Ontario. As part of the South Asian diaspora, Roshan researches and experiments to create work that embodies decolonization, identity, timelessness, mindfulness, purpose, and healing. Entrenched in her work is anti-oppression advocacy and representation of marginalized, queer, and melanated voices to help dismantle colonial, capitalistic systems. Roshan studied at Queen’s University and the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, and she holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from York University, summa cum laude. You’ll find her on social media, most active on Instagram at @roshan_james.

Discover the Art of Kung Fu!

Led by Owner, Sigung David Moylan and Team at Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Kung Fu, also known as Chinese martial arts, is a traditional martial art form that originated in China. It encompasses a wide range of fighting techniques, including striking, kicking, grappling, and self-defense. Kung Fu isn’t just about physical combat; it’s a holistic discipline that promotes physical fitness, mental acuity, and spiritual development. Practitioners of Kung Fu, known as martial artists or “Kung Fu masters,” train not only in combat skills but also in principles like discipline, respect and perseverance.

Including Kung Fu as an activity at the Multicultural Festival of Elmira aligns perfectly with the event’s goal of celebrating diversity and unity. Kung Fu is not only a physical practice but a cultural art form that carries the essence of Chinese heritage. By offering a Kung Fu workshop, the festival provides attendees with the opportunity to experience a part of Chinese culture, learn about its history and philosophy, and appreciate the art’s beauty and discipline. It’s a unique way to foster cross-cultural understanding and bring communities together through shared experiences.

Waterloo Kung Fu Academy, based in Waterloo, Ontario will be at the fetival to offer guests with three different workshops. With a rich history and commitment to promoting physical and mental wellbeing, they are excited to share their expertise at the Multicultural Festival of Elmira.

Join us for a special workshop where everyone can participate and experience the beauty of Kung Fu.

Workshop Schedule

12:30 – 1:00 PM: Dive into the power of the Tiger. The Tiger style of Kung Fu is known for its powerful and aggressive movements. It focuses on strength and emphasizes strong, rapid strikes. The movements and spirit of a tiger are mimicked by utilizing claw-like hand techniques and explosive stances. Tiger style is all about raw power and intensity.

1:15 – 1:45 PM: Embrace the agility of the Leopard. The Leopard style Kung Fu is characterized by its speed, agility and precision. It mimics the movements of a leopard, with an emphasis on fluid and graceful motions. Rapid strikes and quick footwork make it an art form that relies on finesse and adaptability.

2:15 – 2:45 PM: Soar with the grace of the Crane. The Crane draws inspiration from the elegant and fluid movements of cranes. It’s known for its emphasis on balance, grace and control, using circular and flowing motions with a focus on evasive techniques and counterattacks. The Crane promotes harmony and fluidity in both movement and mind.

Unlock your inner strength and explore the art of Kung Fu at the festival. Don’t miss out!

Kid’s Entertainment

Theatricks Presents DJ Carroll

Catch a magic show around the park filled with “oohs” and “ahhs” by our favourite local magician.

RW Library Tent

Discover literature on diversity and inclusion for all ages, a LEGO activity area, storytelling time, take and make craft kits, and singing – all at the library tent!

Face Painting

Kids can choose from a variety of designs to celebrate culture with face painting at the kid’s activity area.

Together in Play Activities

This inclusive MFE vendor will also have a tent for kids to have fun with their sensory toys and playdough at the kid’s activity area.

Fun & Games

We’ll have an assortment of games in the kid’s activity area, including giant Jenga and checkers, and other games to keep the kids engaged!

Colouring Contest

Make sure to enter into our colouring contest for your chance to win 1 of 4 prizes!

Passport Scavenger Hunt

Find the clues to complete your passport and be entered for a chance to WIN!

Food Trucks

Photography During the Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that a professional photographer will be on-site during the Multicultural Festival of Elmira to capture all the vibrant moments and joy. These photos and videos may be used for marketing and promotion purposes to spread the spirit of unity and inclusivity.

If you prefer not to be included in these photos, please let us know by contacting us at Your comfort and privacy are important to us.

The People Behind the Festival

Our team is made up of local Elmira residents who have kindly volunteered their time to help organize MFE. Each of them brings passion and positive energy to every aspect of this event because they truly care about our community. That’s why our community can be assured that it will be an amazing festival to remember.

AmyBeth Brubacher ~ Vendor Coordinator
Amanda Wease
Ashley Waerea ~ Education Coordinator
Brittney Emslie

Denise Dickieson ~ Sponsorship Coordinator
Harbir Kaur
Jacqui Terry-Carroll ~ Vendor Coordinator
Karen Lebold ~ Social Media & Volunteer Coordinator

Reuben St. Louis ~ Volunteer Coordinator
Roshan James ~ Artist Consultant
Robyn Beckett ~ Grant Writer
Valentina Naranjo ~ Entertainment Coordinator

Get Ready for MFE!

MFE T-Shirt Orders

Place your order for a t-shirt ($20) and we’ll have it for you to pick up at the festival on September 16!

A preview of the site map for Multicultural Festival of Elmira

MFE Site Map

Take a look at where the activities, food and performances are located at MFE!

Parking Map

The Blue dots are available parking lots for MFE parking; the Red dots represent limited accessible parking.

We do not want barriers to get in the way of anyone’s participation at the event. We have a limited budget to provide transportation and food support. If you need support with transportation, food or anything else in order to attend the event please reach out to

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